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As a brief explanation; TQM means customer satisfaction and it is a management philosophy which works only to make the inner and outer customers satisfied. In this life time, TQM is seen as the best and only way to achieve success and perfect product in many countries. As quality became to be a war between developed countries like USA, Japan, etc., people try to make more qualified products and TQM is seen as the best way to achieve perfect product.

Total Quality Management was my thesis theme in my master. After a long search about the subject and a survey made to general managers of some construction companies in Istanbul, I wrote a thesis about the "Total Quality Management in Construction Industry - Customer Satisfaction".

In the belove section you can read the SUMMARY section of my thesis which is a brief summary of what I expected and reached in this thesis:



In this thesis, the apply of Total Quality Management in the construction industry has been searched. Total Quality Management is a management system that has been used in many sectors and been successful. With a survey, the conscious or unconscious apply of this system in the Turkish construction companies has been determined.

The improvement of production, rivalry environment, and the demand, has directed the humans to find the most qualified product. The quality has been defined in different ways in different places and times. Today it can be defined as the perfection in every part of the production and the product that satisfies the customer the most.

In the way to produce the one with the best quality has improved the want to manage the companies too. In the history, different understandings of management has been occurred. The last point of management systems in the world is the Total Quality Management.
Total Quality Management can be defined as all the activities that are made for the customer satisfaction. In our life time, this management system which took continuous improvement and customer satisfaction as its aim, is important for the success of the firms.

Total Quality Management which is different from classical management system in many meanings, accepts the workers as a part of the system and wish everyone to participate the production in an efficient way. It aims the satisfaction of everyone by seeing not only the last user of the product, but also the workers as his customer.

This management system which has been successful in many sectors has been used in many construction companies all over the world successfully too. Especially in such countries where TQM has been improved like Japan and USA, it is possible to see many successful examples.

In Turkey, this system is being used in some sectors and it is possible to see some successful examples. On the other hand, in construction industry this system is not well known.

In the contents of this thesis, a survey has been made. The aims of this survey can be categorized as follows:
*  To determine of the use of Total Quality Management principles, conscious or unconscious, in the construction companies in Turkey which are in different bigness, and to see the knowledge of people about this subject.
*  To bring up some hypothesis suggestions about the use of Total Quality Management principles in Turkish construction companies.

A survey form has been prepared which has questions about the general structure of the companies and the basic principles of Total Quality Management. Some findings have been put out by making the survey to 14 different bigness construction companies’ managers by talking to them face to face. By appraising these finding, different results have been concluded which can be categorized  in two:

1. The appraise of the use of Total Quality Management principles in these firms.
2.  A discussion about the hypothesis suggestions that we can put out to define the level of the use of Total Quality Management principles in Turkish construction companies.

In the first part of the results, the dimension of the intersection between the work of the companies towards customer satisfaction and Total Quality Management principles have been put out.

On the second part, some hypothesis suggestions have been put out for the other works that can be done in the future. Those works can be done with more examples of companies than this thesis which is believed that will be more realistic. It is believed that one or more works should be done about the subject and those hypothesis suggestions should be searched.

In a time where we are on the edge of a new century, to conform the improving world and to compete with them, we must examine this system of management and use it in our life if it is necessary. Only like this, the improvement can exist and we can compete with the world.
In the improving world, it is necessary to search for the reforms and contribute to the improvement. This is the need for advance on the way that Atatürk opened.

You can read my two articles about Total Quality Management in Construction Industry which I wrote in 1998 and 2002. The articles are written in Turkish. Click on the button below to read them....

-My  articles about T.Q.M. - In Turkish... ©Esra Seker,1998, 2002.

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